SWAT® is a unique brand represents the high-quality nylon products & signification icon of professional designed products. Our company has experience in making sports accessories, such as backpacks, multi-purpose pouches, sport wears, nylon belts & slings, as well as military backpacks & accessories.

SWAT® International Company is always searching the best materials for making our products, especially the CORDURA® fabric by INVISTA. Moreover, SWAT® products are guaranteed for quality and SWAT® try the best to meet the requirement for the different kind of customers. Besides, SWAT® has been successfully registered as a trademark in several countries. Most important, our company has a strong team in manufacturing the goods and high-quality inspection.

If client who interested in our products and wants to be our dealer, please click in the Dealer Information for more details. Furthermore, if customers who wants to make their own brand and wants to know the details of OEM, please click in CONTACT and our sales teams will contact with you promptly. We look forward to services you in the coming future.

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